Camp Mather matters
The Sac Bee thinks SF should be big-hearted about Hetch Hetchy, to which I say:
"Not only should SF lose its pristine drinking water and clean hydropower, but the taxpayers should also pay for the provilege? And to get what? A second Sierra valley choked with automobiles and tourists? High priced filtered water (who would be selling it?) and nuclear power? It would be great to see that kind of money poured into our schools, healthcare - anything but a rush to the past. Should we also "restore" our cities? Tear down the Marina neighborhood of San Francisco because it didn't exist in 1913? 1849? Who's picking these dates? The Hetch Hetchy Valley was a lake before it was dry - so hasn't it already been restored??"
OK - so I misspelled privilege as provilege - a Matherite is bound to lose her spell-ability a little when the camp and our water and power are at stake. 

Did I mention...NO on F!! 

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