Camp Mather matters
How funny, This old video with its heart-wrenching musical score, extols atomic power as being a preferable alternative to hydroelectric. 

The scenes in this film were at a low water mark that was not seen before, and has not been seen since. 

And I still wonder why the vacationing hoards of tourists are valued over daily life provided to the Bay Area by the clean water and power that flows from Hetch Hetchy. Why should the water that sustains SF and the bay area be removed to make way for vacationers and day-trippers? Yosemite is crowded, as confounding as the crowds that clog Disneyland each summer. Is there a reason to bring those same hoards to another nearby natural area? The bay area depends on that clean water and power for life. 

San Francisco was lovely before it was built into a city. Should we try to roll back the calendar there too? Take down the buildings? Tear up the roads? Probably not. Then why take away the water and power that make SF possible? 

Whose water treatment plans and power generators are waiting in the wings to charge and overcharge the people of the bay area? What we have works. 

It's the out-of-towners who are keen to "restore Hetch Hetchy". But - as a naturalist ancd geologist has said - "Hetch Hetchy has already been restored - it was a glacier lake once, and it has been restored as a lake once again."

Bay Area water facts here....

And the "sustainability study" that RHH says is the real goal of F has already been done, and is available here...
Not news, but SF Weekly has a great article on our drinking water:

"Take a long, cool drink of the Hetch Hetchy the next time someone hands you a bottle of Fiji: city officials have long said that the imported mountain water which provides San Franciscans' tap water is better than bottled H20, and now they have a study to prove it."  MORE HERE...

Another country heard from - KQED sees RHH playing the long game and counting on a truer decision in 2016. More here...
The Sonoma Patch has weighed in on draining Hetch Hetchy. So many California communities find it easy to imagine their vacation visits to our emptied reservoir. If their own water adn power - and camp - were at risk would they still put a tourist destination before their own needs?

Please NO - 85% of SF's water comes from Hetch Hetchy / Tuolumne. Don't shut SF down. If the reservoir is drained SF will be last to have a claim on Tuolumne water. Clean water, clean power, and it won't cost another cent to keep what we have.

By the way - the studies for alternatives already exist - no need to spend stressed public funds to re-do these studies. How about spending that $8mil on schools?

John Muir was a lovely man, but John Muir is dead - should one dead man's pet dream from a century ago be lauded over and above the public good of the entire population of SF?


It's quiet at fall camp, and perfect for preschooler families... read on 
NEWS FLASH!! Let's hear it for for the SFT - 

The San Francisco Foundation is doling out $100,000 to defeat a measure that could potentially overhaul San Francisco’s water supply.

Restore Hetch Hetchy, on the November ballot as Proposition F, calls for an $8 million study of how the dammed and flooded Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park could be drained and restored to its former state. More here...