Camp Mather matters
2011 Laurel at the Lake, rejuvenation for Sf'ers
NO on F!! The so-called "Sustainability and Restoration"proposition = Goodbye water, goodbye power, goodbye Camp Mather!!!

Through clever doublespeak, this propostion got on the ballot - the backers call it Sustainability and Restoration, but it means neither one. It means an $8million study on tearing down the O'Shaughnessy Dam at Hetch Hetchy - and the loss of our good drinking water, clean hydroelectricity and Camp Mather. 

These folks who have called themselves "Restore Hetch Hetchy" are, more realistically, Ruin Hetch Hetchy. They tried to remove the truth of their movement from the proposition so that it would be impossible to tell what their actual goal is. 

The petition to get this proposition onto the ballot was cleverly evasive. RHH put it forward as an altruistic study to create or find green sources of water. Hell, I signed it myself and know plenty of folks who signed not realizing what it meant for San Francisco. 

The courts made RHH include the words "drain Hetch Hetchy" on the ballot - no matter how hard RHH tried to keep their goal hidden from the voting public.

Part of the study for the removal of the dam includes using our dear Camp Mather as the processing dump for concrete removal from the dam. For five years. At that point it would all be over. No reason for SF Rec & Park to have a presence in Yosemite. No water, no power, no camp. 

No. No. No. No on F. Most assuredly NO on F!!