Camp Mather matters
Penninsula article about Prop F - 

If RHH had not used clever "doublespeak", this prop would never have made it onto the ballot. SF'ers are fans of "sustainability" and usually have nothing against "restoration" - but no one I've talked with who signed the petition realized it meant the end of the dam at Hetch Hetchy, the end of Camp Mather. 

These folks are tricksters - and RHH more truly stands for Ruin Hetch Hetchy than it does for Restore HH.

Who will profit from expensive plans to re-source water, re-source electricity? Didn't we learn our lesson from the privatized electricity schemes that doubled our utility bills in the 1980's? Who wants a second valley full of tourists and car exhaust in Yosemite? Is that what John Muir shed tears for? Because there was not enough asphalt in that valley? In truth, the valley has already been restrored. It was originally a glacier lake, it is a lake once more.

There is no true return to the past - we don't pull down our cities because a historical figure extolled the pre-development views of a century ago - why pull down our source of water, power, life?

NO on F - F for FAIL!! 

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