Camp Mather matters
The Sonoma Patch has weighed in on draining Hetch Hetchy. So many California communities find it easy to imagine their vacation visits to our emptied reservoir. If their own water adn power - and camp - were at risk would they still put a tourist destination before their own needs?

Please NO - 85% of SF's water comes from Hetch Hetchy / Tuolumne. Don't shut SF down. If the reservoir is drained SF will be last to have a claim on Tuolumne water. Clean water, clean power, and it won't cost another cent to keep what we have.

By the way - the studies for alternatives already exist - no need to spend stressed public funds to re-do these studies. How about spending that $8mil on schools?

John Muir was a lovely man, but John Muir is dead - should one dead man's pet dream from a century ago be lauded over and above the public good of the entire population of SF?


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