Camp Mather matters
"That's Chinatown, or, to be more specific, it's water wars. While Jack Nicholson's character in Chinatown is embroiled in the dark intrigues of the water wars in 1937 LA in - the Bay Area is facing its own devious water wars. 

A massive water war is heating up over the delta - and then there are those who are trying to shut down SF's water from the Tuolumne River, to tear down the dam and abandon SF's water supply. What will it get the privileged luddites behind this plan, this Prop F? A nice view? A new valley full of tourists? A pretty hike on a warm day? I keep wondering if any or all of the moving forces behind the push for Prop F have an interest in desalinization equipment to sell us, or other schemes to profit from...? They seem to be a pretty connecteentrepreneurial bunch.

F for FAIL. Just plain no. No on F.

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